Alarm systems.

Total protection.

Safety is our priority, which is why we only offer equipment that has passed our quality controls and meets the needs of our customers, for more than 25 years we have opted for wired systems versus radio systems, and we believe that they offer us a greater guarantee of service, security and cost effectiveness in the long term. However there are situations in which either due to the layout of the location or simply because of a cost reduction issue, it is necessary to have wireless elements , our equipment is hybrid so it admits any type of configuration, we also have an exclusively wireless system in case required as well as all kinds of accessories, door opening detectors, flood detectors, panic controls, smoke detectors, CO2 detectors, etc.

Each project is different and requires a personalised study, we work with systems that support a maximum of 192 detectors, 32 control keyboards, access control, etc. but also allow working in a modular way which support simpler domestic installations of 4 to 32 detectors.

Security for your home.


Each installation can be armed totally or partially, allowing segmentation of the alarm system in up to 8 areas (upstairs, ground floor, garage, garden.) Or simply 1 area for total arming.


We have 5 and 7 inch touch control panels to facilitate the use of the systems and to interact with them easily and intuitively, we can also graphically show the location of each of the detectors for easier identification of same.


Connectivity is increasingly important, our equipment has maximum security communication systems, but which also allows the user to communicate with the alarm system through their smartphone (iOS and Android) to know at any time the status of same as well as being notified by the system itself, in case of an alarm.