More than 25 years
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The best alarm system in the market

Asistel features one of the best known brands in the security industry today.


For more than 25 years we have been offering our services to individuals, small businesses and corporate clients, which has made us one of the most valuable and trusted companies in our area. We offer our clients an integrated experience, maintaining very high quality levels and commitment in each of our departments, sales, installation, field staff and supervision network. Our broad and leading portfolio of products and services – from interactive home and business solutions to domestic health services – covers the entire range of our clients’ needs in an increasingly active and dynamic panorama.


  • Anti-theft monitored alarms
  • Anti-Fire monitoring
  • Carbon monoxide monitoring
  • Flood Monitoring and Temperature Control
  • Panic Buttons
  • Remote System Activation / Deactivation
  • Lighting and air conditioning control
  • Remote video and recording monitoring
  • Custom notifications and scheduled events


Systems with double and quadruple verification technology, windows, fences or large areas can be monitored and protected offering excellent results. Optex, Risco, GE, .. we decide which equipment based on the needs of each project.


From autonomous readers to high-tech biometric solutions, we can offer the best equipment in each scenario. Access control systems and monitoring systems are what make our systems robust and time-scalable solutions.


Analog Systems

Sometimes analog solutions continue to be the most cost effective in terms of implementation / results, they are also capable of being upgraded to new HD-SDI devices using existing wiring, therefore allowing for significantly increased image quality.

IP cameras

Mobotix and Sony are always present in our solutions, we believe that quality is essential when safety is our priority.

Video Analysis

It is not just about recording or detecting movement, we go one step further, video analysis solutions allow us to detect patterns, shapes, behaviors and parameterize each of these variables, offering almost autonomous systems and with a very high effectiveness.


  • Medical Assistance Buttons
  • 24/7 monitoring


  • Support personnel to assist, verify and assist the security forces in case of emergency.


Whether for home Internet services or customised solutions, VPNs, redundant communication services and backup channels for high availability systems, wireless solutions for IP video systems…

Our experience in Telecommunications allows us to offer specific solutions for most of our clients’ needs.