New Paradox alarm systems

For several years, Asistel has been betting on and successfully installing these security equipment of Canadian origin.

Among its main advantages are its 5 and 7 ” touch keyboards with a simple and intuitive interface, which facilitates the use of your alarm as well as its management, beyond simple arming and disarming.

Paradox tm70 Touch Keypad

As this are models that focus on wired alarm installations, they allow updating old systems in a simple way and with a very tight outlay since we only have to replace the main alarm board and the keyboards, you can continue using the rest of the elements of the old alarm (detectors, sirens, etc ..) quickly and efficiently providing a brand new look and new functionalities to our old alarm system.

Although the new touch keyboards are compatible with all Paradox panels, depending on the size and needs of our home, we can choose between the “Digiplex EVO” or the “Magellan” model.

The Evo model is aimed at installations with a large number of detectors (allows up to 192 devices), although it can also work in a 3-bedroom home, it is in large installations where we can make the most of its characteristics, among which the large number of detectors stand out. Supported as well as a maximum of 8 partitions with which we can segment our installation in a totally personalized way, each partition in turn allows different operations in night or day mode, which means absolute flexibility when the alarm system adapts to your needs and not the other way around as usual.

Although it is a system that for greater security and stability it is recommended to wire the maximum number of devices, it also has radio receiver modules as well as all kinds of radio accessories to be able to adapt to any situation.

For its part, we consider Magellan as the most widely used panel in domestic and small business areas, with a maximum of 32 detectors and 2 partitions, it covers most of the proposals we make with a more adjusted price, it also incorporates the wireless receiver module as standard so it gives us greater flexibility in all situations.

Both models have a wide catalog of compatible devices, in the case of wired detectors / sensors any brand on the market is compatible so the possibilities are endless, in the case of radio elements we can choose Paradox’s own devices or integrate elements from other manufacturers using universal transmitters, which makes them fully adaptable to any situation.

In addition to its ease of use and high security standards, Paradox systems allow remote monitoring of our alarm system through the Insite gold mobile application. The application, in addition to being able to monitor and manage our alarm system, will also send us notifications in real time of system events, whether they are alarms or notifications every time the system is connected or disconnected, thus allowing us to know the situation immediately of the house as well as the access control of maintenance / cleaning personnel, etc …

In addition to the usual dual technology motion detectors, pet immunity, etc … there is a wide range of accessories for our alarm system, among the most prominent we would find the following:

Bidirectional 6-channel remote control, it is a very versatile remote control with a nice design, it allows us to connect and disconnect the system (totally or partially), also to assign specific functions to the two programmable buttons (panic signal or home automation functions like opening a garage door from our alarm control, ..).

By having bidirectional communication, the fob will indicate the status of our request through a led so that at all times we will know if the signal has been correctly received by our alarm system. Each command works independently and has a unique identification number so that at all times we can know which user has connected or disconnected the system, in addition, in case of loss or misplacement, any fob can be remotely canceled for greater security.

Panic remote control, is a small, waterproof remote control designed to be worn permanently with us, either on a pendant or bracelet. If you need help, the remote will send a panic signal to the alarm center.

Smoke detectors, most smoke detectors work autonomously so they will only be useful if we are at home, in this case with Paradox detectors, the signal is transmitted to the alarm monitoring center allowing an immediate response reducing the possible damages derived from a fire.

Flood detectors, like smoke detectors, will alert us about any water leak, they are normally installed in areas of maximum risk, next to the boiler, bathrooms, etc. They are very useful in residences that are closed for a long time where a water leak can become a big problem if it is not detected in time.

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