Asistel Security Systems.

For over 25 years Asistel has been offering the best security proposals to protect your home or business, personalised projects and quotes without obligation. We protect your property from theft, fire, flood, vandalism and occupation before they occur.

Alarm systems.

Our systems have a permanent connection and complete supervision 24 hours a day and response is in less than 30 seconds from the detection of any notification from your alarm system to ensure your complete safety and that of your family.

Video surveillance.

In addition to conventional intrusion detection systems, we have the latest in video surveillance, cameras with 8K resolution, thermal cameras, motorised domes, compact indoor cameras and advanced video analysis solutions.

Perimeter Protection.

The perfect addition to your alarm system, we extend the security to the perimeter of your home by creating a new security ring in your external space, in this way we anticipate detection and discourage loitering or unnecessary damage to the home.

Access control.

We have access and presence control systems that can work integrated into your security system and doors or autonomously to register only personnel entries and exits. Codes, cards, fingerprints, facial recognition, etc. You choose…

Home Automation System

If, in addition to security, you need to control more elements of your home, we can integrate home automation solutions to control blinds, lights, to access doors, easily and intuitively.

Our Advantages

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